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1 'Souls RPG
994 638

An advanced writing, post-apocalyptic wolf, werewolf, and canine RPG taking place in Nova Scotia. Come join our diverse population of characters and players who have been awesome and active since 2001!
2 Point Of No Return
845 983

PONR is a literate wolf/human shifter roleplay with ever changing plots, friendly members, and loads of activity. Open since August 2008
3 Doutaini
644 1586
Doutaini is a semi-realistic elemental wolf role play which accepts all manner of writers. We are a very friendly community and would love to see some new faces!
4 Shadowlack
398 285

Since 2002! We are an original Science Fantasy RPG and World Building Project set in a fictional world with unique playable creatures. We invite you to experience our very open, friendly, and rich community!
5 Canine Conspiracy
228 619

a brand new canine site set in the modern santa barbara california. after a mysterious illness was released into the atmosphere, canines have now become the rulings species. we allow wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, ghost dogs and zombie dogs. come join u

Rank Site In Out
6 Aeon
214 244

Welcome to AEON! Fantasy becomes reality in this intermediate to advanced fantasy horse role-play where seeing really is believing.
7 Remnants of Shadow
204 286
Friendly, active daily, many plots and packs, & have been together for 4+ years. 300 word minimum(but we have special areas for beginners). We are close to re-opening! Must be at least 13 years of age
8 Creative Freedom RPG
195 554

Breaking free from the oppressions of other roleplay sites, you step into the world of Creative Freedom where we strive to allow all who have a drive and a need for creativity to express themselves freely in the world of roleplaying.

9 Sverige
180 479

Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count and we have an easy application.
10 Wolf's Tear
134 692
Wolf's Tear is an semi-realistic, intermediate wolf/shifter roleplay with a story created around life, love, death, and revenge. Who will win the war, the wolves or the Wolfiends? Created July 2004!
11 Celestial Refresh
130 614

Ever loved a character so much that you wish you could step into his/her shoes and be him/her? Ever thought about interacting in the world from your favorite computer or video game, dealing with the day-to-day trials and epic encounters that cause you to
12 Before the Mast
119 483

1719, West Indies. The sea is boiling in the war, leading the colonies at each other’s throats. Which side are you on? We have 4 ships of different allegiances, plenty of swashbuckling adventures, intrigues of all kinds, mutiny, romance, betrayal...
13 Accio Mischief: A Marauders Era
96 440

The Marauder's are in their Seventh and Final year at Hogwarts. It is a dark time, as He Who Must Not Be Named is gaining power and gathering followers.... Will you join him, or join the Rebellion?

Each week VOLDEMORT, will offer a new thread pertainin
14 Translucence
95 417

Translucence is an intermediate - advanced post-by-post roleplay site. While it is a free-for-all / fantasy roleplay, we do not have any set species. Rather, we allow all types of characters! We have been around since December 2011, but recently reopened
15 Cavallo
81 199

Cavallo is a brand NEW wild horse rpg that is open to all levels. We have many unique aspects as well as a catchy plot line that will keep everyone on their toes. Come See For Yourself Now!
16 All Four Paws
69 178
active members | semi fantasy | nearly no limits

Our main goal is to provide a safe and fun wolf roleplaying experience for all styles & ages.
17 WildWhispers RPG
44 231
WildWhispers is a semi-realistic, semi-advanced equine RPG with friendly staff. Play as either a Tribe horse, loner, or even a canon character. We have an easy minimum word count of 50.

Come join us!
18 Fangtasia Shreveport
40 208
The world as you once knew it is no more. And despite having a curse put upon them, the folks here at Fangtasia Shreveport are shadows of their former selves.
19 Souls of the Unknown V.2
36 277
A brand new, literate werewolf-mix role playing community with 30+ places to RP and counting! We all belong here but how long can we remain united?
20 Myrosia
31 133
After 200 years, the Undead Four are beginning to assault Myrosia once again. Will you stay and fight with us? Active & friendly community.. join us!
21 Naruto Legacies Reborn
17 401
A Naruto role play with 100+ members on every day. The site opened in June 2012 and has been active with 100 members per day up to June 2013. There are no canon characters but everything else about the Naruto universe pretty much remains.
22 RPGChat
15 780
A Creative Roleplaying Community. We host multiple RPs to lovely members, so come join our fun, nerdy group and get creative!
23 fourtrees.
15 125
Fourtrees is a character-driven, play-by-post feline rpg based on the Warriors books by Erin Hunter.
24 Lassongra
14 307
Active, literate canine mating role-play, all levels of role-players welcome, minimal rules, no plot/make your own plot, open and welcoming members.
25 One Piece: Romance Dawn
10 185
50 years since Monkey D Luffy and his Strawhats discovered One Piece, the World Government has a stronghold over the blues once more. When the time comes, will you stand up and fight!?

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